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The Drinking Game
Rules and Strategy

A fun drunken card game, Asshole combines elements from several standard card games like Uno, Poker, and Bluff.

At its heart, Asshole is a Shedding-type card game: the winner is the first guy to lay down all his cards. But because of the shame of being named “Asshole” is at stake, your Asshole game is bound to get loud and argumentative.

Let's Play Scum / Asshole Card Game! Rules and Strategy

One thing you can be sure of: there will always be 1 Official Asshole in every round!
Game on!


Asshole Drinking Game: What you Need to Play:

* A Standard Deck of Playing Cards (combine 2 or more decks as desired)

* Lots of Drinks

* Optional: A hat with the monicker “Asshole”

* Optional: A hat with the monicker “President”

* Optional: A hats with a monicker for each of the other ranks like “Vice-President”, “Vice-Asshole”, etc. Provide 1 hat for each player if you can. It adds to the craziness.


Preparing a Game of Asshole:

The Drinks: We suggest beer, wine or wine coolers. Hard liquor can also be used particularly if you want to drink from shotglasses.

Have several drinks in cups or shotglasses prepared and ready, ideally within reach of everybody.


The Cards: The game is best played when each player holds a hand of 8-13 cards. You may or may not include Jokers.

* Dealing out the cards is the job of your resident “Asshole” who was determined in your previous hand.

* In your first hand, the dealer assumes the role of President-Asshole.

* Start dealing the cards with the President (previous round’s winner) and go around the players in clockwise manner.

* When you’ve dealt out all the cards, the game can begin.


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Playing a Game of Asshole as an Adult Party Game:

You can refer to our article dedicated to the Basic (Standard) Rules of the Asshole Card Game. Once you’ve reviewed the rules, come back and read on to see adult game rules for Asshole.


How to Play Asshole Drinking Game:

Standard Rules Apply. In addition, you can apply the following rules individually or collectively to arrive at your personalized ruleset for Asshole Drinking Game:

* Rule #1: You Chug if you Pass. A player who passes must take a drink.

* Rule #2: You Chug if you Get Skipped. If you match the previous card that was played, you force the game to skip the player next to you. The skipped player must take a drink.

* Rule #3: At the start of his turn, the President assigns a drink to any 1 player. It’s one of the perks of being in a position of power!

* Rule #4: At the start of his turn, the Vice-President assigns a drink to any 1 player who is ranked lower than him. Note: If you want to follow this rule, we suggest that you let the President assign 2 drinks instead of 1 at the start of his turn.

* Rule #5: If the Asshole forgets his duties, or is slow to perform, everybody can force him to take a drink! Everybody yells: “Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!!” (Reminder: The Asshole has the duty of dealing the cards at the start of the game and of clearing away the hand once a Trump Card is played). In practice, the Asshole can be made to drink at the end of each hand as long as everybody gives him orders to drink.

How to Play Asshole Drinking Game: (continued)

* Rule #6: If anybody other than the Asshole attempts to clear the hand that was just ended, he is made to drink for “acting like an asshole”. Everybody yells: “Stop acting like an asshole!” or “Don’t be an asshole!”

* Rule #7: When somebody plays a Trump Card, everybody else drinks. * Rule #8: Introduce a “Social Card”. When played, the Social Card calls for everybody to take a drink – 1 drink for each Social Card played – no exceptions. This can be any card designated by the President. Or for simplicity’s sake, it can be a card that corresponds to the number of players in the game.

**Optional Rule #8-1: The social card is played normally. The social card keeps its place within the hierarchy of card values. It gets played normally – as a single, pair, trio or quad – and everybody takes 1 drink for each Social Card discarded.

**Optional Rule #8-2: The social card exists outside the hierarchy of card values. During his turn, a player can discard 1 or all of his Social Cards. Treat it as a Drinking Interlude wherein everybody chugs. The next player in turn must then match or beat the card that was played before the Social Card.

* Rule #9: When the next game’s President is determined, everybody who remains takes 1 drink. You can expand this rule so that whenever somebody plays his final card, everybody who remains with card(s) in hand takes a drink.

* Rule #10: The Asshole is the last guy with card(s) in hand. He takes 1 drink for each remaining card.

How to Play Asshole Strip Game:

Standard Rules Apply. In addition, you can apply the following rules individually or collectively to arrive at your own personalized ruleset for Asshole Strip Game.

* Rule #1: The loser (the newly crowned Asshole) removes 1 article of clothing.

* Rule #2: The winner (the newly crowned President) recovers the last item that he/she disrobed.

* Rule #3: For faster games: Players who pass or are skipped must remove 1 item of clothing.

* Rule #4: For slower games or as counterpoint to Rule #3, a player reclaims the last item disrobed if he/she plays a Trump card.

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Drink and Strip Asshole Card Game:

Now that you know the rules on how to play Asshole as a Drinking Game and as a Strip Game, you can mix and match rules from both versions to arrive at a Drink and Strip Asshole game. Enjoy!

Note: Follow this link if you want to review the Standard Game Rules for Asshole Card Game.

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