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Drinking Games with Two People:
Drunk Checkers
Drinking Game Rules

Also known as English Draughts or simply Draughts, Checkers is a board game 2 players that uses a standard 8x8 checkered board using 24 identical playing pieces in 2 colors.

Let's Play Checkers

Drunk Checkers:
Drink it as you Jump it!

Every household likely has the gameboard; its easy to make your own or to download and print (Free Game Board at the end of this article). You can use any flat object as a playing piece.


How to Play Checkers Board Game as an Adult Party Game:

Checkers or Draughts is so easy to play and the game board is so easy to find that you can easily whip this out and start playing. Use any standard 8x8 game board, such as you have for Chess. Use poker chips or coins as your playing pieces. Read more to find Drunken Checkers Drinking Board Game Rules and Checkers Strip Adult Party Game Rules. If you want to review the Basic Rules for Checkers Game, visit our page for Checkers Game Rules.

How to Play Drunken Checkers Board Game: Rules for Checkers Drinking Game:

* Find our Free Printable Checkers Game Board

* For a truly Adult Drinking Game look and feel, we recommend using shotglasses as your playing pieces. You can use small disposable plastic cups, such as those used for mouthwash and holds 1.5oz to 3oz of drink. You can use beer, wine, wine coolers, or even hard drinks if your players are brave enough.


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How to Play Drunken Checkers Board Game: Rules for Checkers Drinking Game: (continued)

* Fill the shotglasses with your poison. You can either half-fill or fill to the brim. . You can use 2 colors of drinking cups and assign 1 color to each player. Alternatively, you can use 2 different types of beer – a light beer and a dark lager.

* Play using normal rules:

..Whenever a playing piece is jumped, somebody drinks. Depending on your game version, the one who drinks can be the one who snatched the piece, or the one who owned it.

..Whenever a playing piece reaches the far side, it becomes a King just like in normal Checkers. You can stack your drinking cups or shotglasses to signify the elevated status of your playing piece. What’s more important is that, this time, somebody drinks double. Furthermore, any time a King piece jumps over another piece, double drinks are taken.

..The game ends when somebody gets pass-out drunk or when all moves are blocked. As an option, the loser takes all the remaining drinks on the board.

How to Play Strip Checkers Board Game: An Adult Strip Game:

* Play with normal rules.

* Somebody removes 1 item of clothing each time a king is made.

* At game’s end, the loser removes 2 items of clothing while the winner recovers 1 item.

* Keep playing until somebody is totally naked.

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Animated GIF FreeFree Printable Checkers Game Board
(download, print and play!)

This is an 8 x 8 checkered board for use in playing Chess, or other suitable game such as Checkers, Reversi, and others.

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