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Fingers! Drinking Game
Rules and Game Guide

A Drinking Game with the simplest of rules that accommodates unlimited players – that’s Fingers!

All you need is a Cup or Mug or Pitcher with a rim that’s big enough to accommodate the fingers of all your players.

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Be the unluckiest of the bunch and you get to drink the pitcher.

The game itself is a simple guessing game: make a lucky guess and you retire in peace.

Read on and find out how the game is played!


The Fingers Drinking Game: What you Need to Play:

* A Cup, Mug or Pitcher with a rim big enough to accommodate 1 finger from each of your players

* As many players as can fit! (If you have vacant space around your circle of friends and a finger-space width of vacant real estate on the rim of your pitcher, then there’s room for 1 more player!)

* Lots of drinks – different drinks contribute to truly “mixed” spirits

How to Prepare your Fingers Drinking Game:

* Each player prepares their own drink – beer, wine, wine coolers, spiked punch, cocktails – it’s all good!

* The Finger Cup (Finger Mug / Finger Pitcher) is placed in top of a small table. There should be enough space to allow all the players to sit/stand around it with 1 finger on the rim of the Finger Cup/Mug/Pitcher

* Each player pours a sip (for big groups) or a gulp (for small groups) of their drink into the Finger Cup/Mug/Pitcher.

* Each player places their right index finger on the rim of the Cup.

* Choose a Player to move first. Turn passes to the left (clockwise)

* The game is now ready to play!

A Reminder About Drinks:

* When you mix hard liquor (such as vodka, gin, rhum, whisky, tequila) with beer, you get a nasty buzz and a terrible hangover. There’s also puke and vomit to consider. Everybody should keep this in mind when they start preparing their drinks.

* Accordingly, it’s probably a good idea to stick to different types of beer, or, different types of hard liquor.


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Playing The Fingers Drinking Game:

The game is a simple guessing game. Players take turns at guessing: How many fingers will remain on the cup at the end of the countdown?

* In a loud voice, the active player counts down from 3 and then announces his guess. Example: “3.. 2.. 1.. <guess>!”

* Just prior to the guess being announced, each player (including the active player) must choose to either [a] leave his/her finger on the cup, or, [b] remove said finger from cup

* When the guess is shouted, everybody checks to see if the guess is good or bad

* A good/correct guess lets the player retire.

* A bad/wrong guess means the player has to take a sip/gulp from his own cup

* If a player runs out of drink, he has to top off.

* Turn passes to the next player. Gameplay continues and each player either retires or remains in the game until only 1 player is left.

* The last remaining player is the loser and is required to drink the Finger Cup.

* In succeeding rounds, either the previous loser or the previous winner can lead.

Rule Variations for The Fingers Drinking Game:

* A correct guess lets the player retire. Before he retires, he pours another sip (or gulp) of his drink into the Cup. Be careful when you use this rule. For big groups, you can end up with a helluva lot of drink for the loser. In smaller groups, this rule can be a blast as the tension builds up to the end.

* If nobody removes his/her finger from the cup, everybody has to sip/gulp from their own cup.

* If no fingers remain on the cup (i.e., everybody removes their fingers), everybody has to finish what remains of their drink then top off. Bottoms up!

* If a player is caught cheating, he has to finish his cup then top off. At the start of the game, everybody ought to decide what’s allowed and, consequently, what is considered cheating. You can review the list below for some ideas:

..The active player delays voicing out his guess by more than 1 second. Ideally, the guess should follow the countdown without delay nor pre-emption.

..The active player announces his guess then waits more than 1 second to remove his finger

..The active player removes his finger then announces his guess

..A player removes his finger more than 1 second after the guess is announced

Optional Strip Game Rules for the Fingers Drinking Game:

You can apply some or all of the rules below for your Fingers Drinking Game

* Rule #1: A wrong guess means the player has to remove an item

* Rule #2: A correct guess means the player retires; reclaims the last item disrobed

* Rule #3: In case everybody (or nobody) removes their finger, everybody removes 1 item.

* Rule #4: If somebody is caught cheating, he/she removes 1 item


Drink and Strip Fingers Game:

The next step is to have a Drink and Strip Fingers game. Use any or all of the rules above for your game. Enjoy!

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