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Solo Drinking Game:

Drinking Game Rules

Version 2: One-Man Version!

Here's something you can do the next time you take your drink: Whip out a deck of cards and let chance decide when you drink!

And how many!

Let's Game On! (",)

Playing Cards Spades Family

To give your game a Casino Feel, use our Free Printable Blackjack layout. Ready to Download, Print and Play!


Play Blackjack/21 when you have a Drink:

What You Need to Play Blackjack/Twenty-One:

* a deck of cards

* a flat surface

* (optional) a Blackjack table or a Blackjack table layout

Learn How to Play Blackjack/21 Card Game:

Here you will find our page dedicated to Blackjack Game Rules, Variations, and Winning Tips and Strategies.

Here you will find our page dedicated to Blackjack as an Adult Party Game: Rules for Drink Blackjack and Strip Blackjack.

Continue reading below to learn how to play Blackjack/21 as a Solo Drinking Game.


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Rules of Blackjack Solo Drinking Game! (Version 2)

* This game of Solo Blackjack recommends beer straight from the bottle. Or in a Mug. Just so long as it's ice cold. Or not. Doesn't matter. Just make sure there's beer!

* Shuffle the Cards. You are the Dealer. There are no Players.

* Dealer's behavior without exception: Draw at 16 and Stand on 17.

* If you're a light drinker: You bust, you drink.

* If you're a heavy drinker: You drink each round except when you bust.

* As an option to make things more interesting, use only half a deck when you play. Make it a random half-a-deck, of course. This way you can't count cards to predict your chances.

* This is optional: You can vary the Dealer's Behavior to: Draw at 17 and Stand on 18. You know what they say: variety is spicy. Or something.

Rules of Blackjack Solo Drinking Game! (Version 2 continued)

* Another way you can play this game is to deal 2 hands -- 1 for the dealer and 1 for the player.

* You play both hands in turn

* You suffer the drinking penalties for both hands.

* Dealer's behavior without exception: Draw at 16 and Stand on 17.

* Each Player is dealt a hand and plays normally.

* Each game carries an unspoken bet of 1 drink. Player drinks if he loses. Dealer drinks when the player wins. This means you drink each round. It just varies how many drinks you get.

Playing Cards: Blackjack Revealed Ace & Jack

* Follow the Guide below for details on Splits / Double-Downs / Busts / Blackjacks:

Move/ Event


Split Hand

Player now has 2 hands to play. Play each hand separately -- win or lose separately.


Player Wins: Dealer takes 2 drinks... Dealer Wins: Player takes 2 drinks.

Player Busts

Player takes 2 drinks

Dealer Busts

Dealer takes 2 drinks.

Player is dealt a Blackjack

Dealer takes 1 and 1/2 drinks (or 2 drinks if you prefer)

Dealer gets a Blackjack

Player takes 2 drinks

* To simplify the game, there is no insurance against the dealer getting a Blackjack.

* To further simplify the game, you can take just 1 drink instead of the 2 or 1-1/2 that's listed in the instances above.

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Animated GIF FreeFree Printable Blackjack / Twenty-One Table Design
(download, print and play!)

This is a game table layout for Blackjack / Twenty-One. It is not strictly necessary to play the game . You may download and print unlimited copies.
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