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Guitar Hero Series!
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Guitar Hero is a series of video games that requires the player to tap-out commands in-tune to (or in-beat with) a musical soundtrack and visual cues.

The game is intended to be played with the specially-designed Guitar Hero controller which is shaped like a guitar and has levers and buttons located in place of the strings, tremolo bar and fretboard of a real guitar.

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Guitar Hero: The Party Game
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Gameplay Options
Guitar Hero as Party Attraction
What You Need to Play
Tips and Pointers for Setting Up

The game is classified as a "rhythm game". Other typical games in the genre simulate playing the drums (by means of drum controller), singing (by means of a microphone) or dancing (by means of a dance pad or dance mat).

Click here to see all Guitar Hero titles with song listings and video clips of actual game footage.

What's included in the Game Package:

The complete game package typically includes only one guitar controller, so those who wish to play with friends will want to buy an extra guitar. There is also a "game only" package that does not include a guitar, which is ideal for those who already have 2 or more guitars.

5 Titles in 5 Years:

The Guitar Hero Series has enjoyed enormous popularity since its first version was released in 2005. To date, there are 5 game versions (with a new version being released every year) that feature improvements on the original game and also additional twists to the gameplay.

A typical game controller for Guitar Hero (and similar guitar-based rhythm games)

More Versions means More Songs:

With the wealth of expansion titles added to the original game, Guitar Hero afficionados benefit from the additional song selection and thematic content -- there are versions that exclusively feature the music of popular bands Aerosmith, Metallica, and Van Halen.

Gameplay Options:

Solo Play, Career Mode: A Simulation. In Career mode, the player typically assumes the role of an up-and-coming rock guitarist. His challenge is to progress from minor performances to major concert venues, gradually improving in skill and accumulating fame/prestige and virtual cash in order to unlock extra game features, much in the way that the best venues, equipment, and collaborating artists are only available to the accomplished professional in real life.


Solo Play, Quick Play Mode: Things don't need to be so serious all the time, and this is why Quick Play Mode is available for simple, stress-relieving play or practice sessions.

Multiplayer, Cooperative Mode: Friends can jam together with one playing lead guitar and the other playing bass guitar. This is a great way friends can try to work together to beat the game's challenges.

Multiplayer, Competetive Mode: Of course, all games are a test of skill, and Guitar Hero lets 2 or more friends pit their skills against one another in a contest of rhythmic acuity and hand-eye coordination.

Guitar Hero as a Party Attraction

Because Guitar Hero is extremely popular -- almost a cultural phenomenon -- it can be an extremely popular attraction at your party.

For kids, the fun is in the exploration and revelation of talent or latent skill. Especially for first timers, younger kids can be introduced to musical interaction and group play.

For teens and preteens, it quickly becomes a chance to show off a little -- fast fingers and excellent timing can be an asset, after all.

As for adults, they can derive new levels of enjoyment from the game by introducing a few artful twists:
* A drinking game for friends! Choose 2 or more persons to participate in each game. The winner avoids taking a shot of hard liquor (or mug of beer). All other players have to drink up. As the night progresses, the games are bound to be more and more hilarious. As a variation, the winner can be asked to drink beer while all others drink hard liquor. This way, the winner still gets a buzz -- making it easier and easier to dethrone the current champion!
* Truth or Dare for couples! Two sets of couples can play against each other. The losing couple has to choose between sharing a juicy secret, or, performing a zany stunt. As an added twist, beer or cocktails can be imposed on the winning couple so that the more skilled players may not always prefer to win; indeed, winning back-to-back games becomes a bad idea!

What's Needed to Play

The Guitar Hero series of games is available across numerous platforms, such as PC (Windows and Mac) and gaming consoles (PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Wii).

With the recent affordability of big-screen monitors and the wide popularity of the Guitar Hero game, it becomes more handy to set-up a Guitar Hero Party session. The basics of what you'll need for this are:
* A PC or Gaming Console of your choice
* A display device like a bigscreen LCD monitor or LCD projector
* A suitably bombastic sound system
* The Guitar Hero game CD or DVD of your choice. As a reference, you may choose from any of the titles listed here (songlist is provided for each title)
* Adequate number of Guitar Controllers (it's a good idea to ask all your friends to bring their own controllers to add to the fun)
* Microphones and Drum Kits (optional, supported in the 2008 release Guitar Hero World Tour)
* All the necessary cables and connectors
* Beer and hard drinks for a twist, and don't forget that digital camera or video to capture the zaniest moments of the party

Tips and Pointers for setting up your Guitar Hero party attraction:

Buy or Rent: If you don't personally own the game, chances are that you know some people who do have it in some form or another. The simplest (and easiest) way is to borrow the game and guitar controllers from a few friends. If you are in a hurry, you can also try to find a shop that rents out the game and controllers. Lastly, if budget is not an issue, you can simply pick up a copy of the game and a couple of controllers.

When it comes to a party venue, you may not want to volunteer your own home for the sake of your sanity. An outstanding option is to rent a room for a night, ideally a room that has a big LCD display and bad-ass sound system. Of course, you can just get a simple room and provide all the gear you need. In any event, it's a good idea to ask someone to set the place up ahead of time so the party can get under way the moment you and your friends assemble.

The great thing about this idea is that you avoid disturbing your family and any uptight neighbors who might have queer ideas about is music and what is noise. Just a word of caution though: take care that your friends don't make unnecessary room charges on your account, else your bill will hit the roof. The best ways to do this is to tell the hotel concierge or supervisor to ignore any food orders, disable outgoing phone calls, and for you to stash away all hotel-provided consumables like drinks, snacks, and toiletries.

The Last and Most Important Tip: It is a good idea to prepare other games or party attractions in case your friends get tired of Guitar Hero. This is extremely important if this is your first time to organize a guitar-hero party, or if you're not sure that your party guests will enjoy a night of playing Guitar Hero exclusively.

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