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Have Your Fun Exciting
Halloween Party!
Kids games for Halloween:
Party Games
for a most memorable
Halloween Party!!

It’s because you want to have a fun, exciting Halloween Party. Kids games for Halloween Party are great icebreakers. And the best ones are the simplest ones -- the ones enjoyed best when we were kids.

Halloween Kids going out to Trick or Treat

Halloween Party Games!!

*Bobbing for Apple Game*
(Best Traditional Halloween Game!)


*Wrap the Mummy Game*
(A Modern Classic Halloween Game!)


This page features 2 fun & free
Halloween Party Games
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They bring back memories of fun times shared with childhood friends or family members, and now give you and your friends new memories to share.

So check out our selection of FREE Halloween Party Games for kids. And when you play them, be sure to take lots of photos to capture the spirit of fun!

Bobbing for Apple Game (Halloween Party Game)
“FFPG Recommended Kids Party Games for Halloween”

The Bobbing Apple Game is a true Halloween tradition! It’s a party game that’s been associated with Halloween for centuries past -- pretty much synonymous with the Halloween Festival cheer.

What’s Needed to Play:
..a big tub or wide-mouth bucket, and
.. a bunch of fresh juicy apples

How to Prepare the Game: Fill-up the carefully cleaned tub with drinkable water to three-fourths (¾) full, then put in and let float a half-a-dozen or so fresh apples.

The Challenge: The player is challenged to bring out an apple using only his mouth. You can set a time limit of 1 minute for each player’s attempt. For added flair, you can require your players to hold their arms behind their backs.

About Prizes: Traditionally, anybody who succeeds in taking an apple wins a prize such as candy, or (and this is true in olden times) a kiss from their player of choice.

Variations: In addition to having multiple winners, you can also crown a “grand winner” – the player who manages the feat in the shortest time. For this, you will need a stopwatch timer to keep accurate time. You can also have a “1-on-1 challenge” type of game by asking 2 of your top players to compete in a timed game. Such as: whoever manages to grab the most apples in 2 minutes wins!


Some Last Minute Reminders: Be sure to remove the stems from the apples to give your players more of a challenge. Your game participants are sure to get wet. It's a good idea to provide them some towels to dry up.

Bobbing for Apple Game: An Alternative:

Have you, perhaps, found that the bobbing apple game messes up facial make-up .. or other facial components of your Halloween costume?

A tamer alternative to the Apple Bobbing game is to Hang the Apples from above.. then ask your players to grab as many bites from the apple in a set time limit.

Careful! Just make sure the apples won't drop when rocked or swayed.. Such as.. By no means should you hang the apples only by their stem!


Wrap the Mummy Game (Halloween Party Game)
“FFPG Recommended Kids Party Games for Halloween”

The Mummy Wrap game is a modern classic. My guess? It would date back to cavemen if only they had tissue paper back then! xD

What’s Needed to Play:
..rolls, rolls, and more Rolls of tissue paper!

The Challenge: Players are divided into teams. Each team chooses a member to transform into a Mummy. On “GO!” all teams rush to wrap their designated Mummy in tissue paper from head to feet. The first team to finish wins!

The Prize: Only 1 team wins this game. Each team could have as few as 3 members (1 mummy and 2 wrappers). Just make sure you have a prize for each team member.


Variations: Some Fun Mummy Stuff!

Mummy Photo Shoot: After the game, you can have a fun photo shoot where the mummies strike appropriate poses for the camera. Ask some of your other guests to pose as mummy victims in some photos.

Mummy Dance Off: Another fun spin is to have a Mummy Dance Off! Have some appropriate ghostly or Halloween-themed music prepared and ask your mummies to dance their best gothic dance steps. Catch them on photos or video. Then ask your guests to decide who is the best mummy dancer for a fun prize.

Mummy Fashion Model Show: As an alternative to your classic Mummy Wrapping game, you can have a Mummy Fashion Model Show where each team strives to come up with the most inventive and convincing mummy costume using mainly tissue paper. For this game, you will need teams with more members (say, 1 mummy and 4 designers). It’s a good idea to provide scissors and adhesive tape to each team. However, it’s best to limit them to only these materials – for example, no use of color paint in order to keep things challenging. Give them a time limit (say, 5 minutes) to accomplish the deed. Then have each mummy model walk a fashion ramp (tip: use the length of your living room) in suitable mummy style. Ask a group of your best friends to judge the winner.

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