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Fun and Free Party Games
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Baby Shower!!

During baby showers, the topic of conversation invariably centers around kids in general and how to care for babies in particular. While it is interesting to hear about what the first few months will be like, etc., some of your party guests can easily get bored with the talk -- especially those who aren't expecting kids anytime soon, and have no personal experiences to share.

Stork delivering a Baby!

Baby Shower Games!!

*Baby-Bottle Battle*
(a drinking game)


*Baby-Food Taste Test*
(a guessing game)


This page features 2 fun & free
Baby Shower games.
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For this reason, Baby Shower games are almost a necessity to keep things lively and to involve everybody in the festivities. It's also a great way to induct new moms into motherhood as the best Baby Shower games can be educational aside from being fun.

Check out our fine selection of Baby Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, fair, safe, and entertaining!

Baby-Bottle Battle (Baby Shower Game)
A drinking game with a twist..

This is a drinking game using baby-bottles (yummy!). Players may play against one another, or teams may compete against other teams. You may choose to have a straight race, relay race, or tournament-style with elimination rounds.

What you Need:

..Baby Bottles
..A colored drink - cola, orange juice, grape juice, milk, or even beer or wine
..A countdown timer

How to Prepare the Game :

You may choose to have each baby bottle contain the same drink, or you may choose to have different drinks in different bottles. What's important is that you should make sure all drinks are compatible with your guests. For example, some guests may not like to drink milk, or beer, or acidic juices, so try to account for these things.

Use new nipples so each bottle has more or less the same flow, this way each contestant has the same chance of winning. Try not to put too much drink in each bottle or the game may take too long (I know it's be fun to see your friends work hard at sucking from those baby-bottles, but try not to mistreat them too much!)

You may ask: how much drink is too much? The best way is to try drinking from the bottle yourself! Time how much you can drink in 2-3 minutes. This ought to be just long enough to take nice photos.

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Baby Shower Tableware

How to Play the Game:
Once the game starts, each player or team should finish their drinks as fast as they can. Gratefully, the baby-bottle won't allow for any of the drinks to spill, so the game should be fast-paced yet won't be finished in the blink of an eye.

The winner can be decided in the following ways:
..whoever finishes the drink in the shortest time
..whoever drinks the most bottles during a set length of time

Tips and Twists:
..You may prepare enough bottles so that all guests have to participate
..Be sure to have your camera handy and take lots of incriminating close-up photos
..For a contest exclusively among dads, you may put beer inside the baby bottles.
..If you want to have tournament-style play with elimination rounds and such, try to provide new nipples for each player. Some people get territorial about nipples they have sucked on =P
..To make the game into a relay race: ask each team to decide on an "order of battle" -- who goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. By the way, be kind: give each player their own bottle!
..For team battles: Divide your guests into 2 or 3 teams and give each team more bottles than they have players (for example, give 8 bottles to a team with 5 players). Some players will have to drink more than 1 bottle. The team that finishes all the bottles wins! (No Leftovers Please!)
..You can give the over-all winner a small badge with the title "Master-Sucker" or "SuckMaster"

Printable Game: Baby Shower: Right, Left Baby Game!

Printable Game
for a Baby Shower Party!

The "Right, Left"
Baby Game

This crazy gift passing game
will have everyone scrambling
as they listen for you
to say right or left
while you read about
the day Mom went into labor!

Baby-Food Taste Test (Baby Shower Game)
A guessing game with a twist..

This is a game where mature palates are tested, where the player with the most discerning taste buds.. don't necessarily win! Players attempt to identify unlabeled baby food. The luckiest guesser of all wins!

What you Need:

..An assortment of baby food in identical (unmarked) containers
..plastic spoons
..notepads and pens (as answer sheets)
..a countdown timer (optional)

How to Prepare the Game :

Make sure that each container has the same amount of baby food in it because it may be (unfairly) easier to guess with more baby food inside.

It is a good idea to number the containers so that the party host can easily identify which food is sampled in each round of game play.

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How to Play the Game:

The game should be played in rounds. In each round, the players sample the same baby food. The players are then required to write their best guess on whiteboard or paper. Each round should have a time limit, after which, players cannot change their answer or lose their chance to answer if they take too long to decide.

The player (or team) to get the most number of correct answers wins the game. In case of a tie, you can decide the winner by the following:

..have tie-breaker rounds in which 2 or 3 extra foods can be brought out to be sampled

..ask the players to share the prize (where possible)

..choose the player whose birthdate is nearest the baby's expected date as the winner

Tips and Twists:

..You may use commercially-prepared baby food (such as Gerber's), or prepare your own by blending fruits or veggies

..Instead of asking players to directly identify the flavor, you may ask them to guess whether the food is commercially-prepared or home-made

..It is a good idea to prepare 2 or 3 extra foods to be used in tie-breaking rounds in case needed. If not needed, you can still ask your players to guess just for curiosity's sake.

..You can blindfold your guests for this game. Instead of asking them to identify the flavor, you can ask them to identify the color of the food. This simple twist to the game can have some really interesting results!

..You can give out a 'whammy' prize to the players who get misled in this way. We suggest simple tokens like a candy bar or lollipop shaped like baby stuff -- baby pacifier, baby bottle, or baby rattle.

..Some baby bowls have images of fruits, veggies, or cartoon animals on the side. You can use containers like these to mislead your contestants or for some quick laughs! For example, you can put blended carrots in a bowl decorated with an orange; then in the next round, you can have blended avocado in a bowl decorated with that cartoon frog from Sanrio! (eeeeww!)

Printable Game: Baby Shower Bingo!

Printable Game
for a Baby Shower Party!

Baby Bingo!

We've taken the Classic Game of Bingo and pre-filled the Bingo card with names of Baby items.

And with our Game Card Generator, you get a different Baby Bingo Card for each guest - even if you have 200 guests!

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