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Rules and Strategy

Monopoly is a board game marketed by Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro. Arguably the most popular proprietary board game in history, Monopoly is played by 485 million people around the world.

The game is played by 2-8 players and uses 6-sided dice and play money. Players are encouraged to form alliances and negotiate with one another in order to eliminate other players, and eventually secure victory.

Let's Play Monopoly!
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The game is marketed by Hasbro, and has enjoyed numerous different incarnations with numerous brand names attached: Star Wars, Lego, Transformers, Disney, The Beatles, The Godfather, Hello Kitty, etc.


The Basic Monopoly Game Package:

* A Monopoly game board

* 2 pieces 6-sided playing dice

* "Monopoly Money" (Play Money) in various denominations

* 8 (or more) playing tokens

* 32 plastic houses and 12 plastic hotels

* a deck of 16 "Chance" cards

* a deck of 16 "Community" cards

* 2 to 8 Players (sold separately)


The Monopoly Game Board:

The Monopoly game board has 4-sides with 10 squares per side. Each square represents:
* real-estate property that can be bought if unowned, else rent must be paid to the owner;
* a consequence that should be followed such as "collect money", "pay taxes", "go to jail", or draw from a deck of cards

How the Game is Played:

Players start with a set amount of money and take turns moving around the game board. Players buy property, collect rent on those property, and thus gain or lose money. Players sell or mortgage property to raise money, but once a player cannot raise enough money to pay for an obligation, he is eliminated from the game.

Game Strategies:

It's all about money: Players need to have more money and income-generating properties to win. The best way to do this is to acquire monopolies as soon as possible by acquiring complete sets of properties. Owning a monopoly entitles a player to collect higher rent, thus presenting a great advantage.

Negotiating Alliances: Because dice rolls determine a player's luck -- whether he gets to purchase property or pay rent -- players are encouraged to negotiate trades with one another. Such temporary alliances become necessary to form monopolies, and evict other players from the game board.


Race to Building Houses and Hotels: The game is designed to have a limited number of houses and hotels. Since owning such buildings provide a vast increase in potential earnings, smart players race against each other in uses the limited number of buildings (32 houses and 12 hotels) per game.

Game Variants:

The game's popularity has spawned numerous variants with various themes designed after popular trademarks, like Disney-, Star Wars-, and Junior- themed versions, to name a few.

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