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Rules of Craps (aka Hazard)
How to Play Craps:
Rules and Game Board

Hazard is a table or parlour game-of-chance that can be enjoyed by casual and dedicated players, young and old alike. Played by 2 or more players, all it requires to play is a pair of Dice.

Craps is a staple Casino game that is a specialized variant of Hazard. The rules remain the same; the difference is mainly that Craps focuses on the betting aspect, and consequently has a more complicated system of betting.

Let's Play Dice! Dice games "Craps" and "Hazard" use 2 dice

Craps is a game
using 2 dice

It is recommended that players should have a chart for the winning / losing outcomes for the dice rolls. In Casino games, the Craps table typically serves this purpose. Fun Free Party Games provides a free printable Craps table layout near the end of this article. We also provide a Craps / Hazard Chart of Outcomes for your easy reference, also provided near the end of this article.


What's Needed to Play Craps/Hazard:

* 2 or more players

* a pair of Dice

* a flat surface big enough to accommodate 2 thrown dice; alternatively, a big bowl or shoebox for this same purpose

* (optional but recommended) a chart of the winning / losing outcomes for the rolled dice


How to Set Up a Game of Craps/Hazard:

* explain to each player the winning outcomes for the dice rolls

* set up the play area where the dice is to be rolled

* the game is now set up and ready to play

Objective of a Game of Craps/Hazard:

To roll or “shoot” a winning outcome with 2 dice


How to Play a Game of Craps/Hazard:

Order of Play for Craps/Hazard:

* Each player takes a turn to roll, throw, or “shoot” the pair of dice.

* The current player is called the “caster” or “shooter”.

** In Hazard, the caster first decides on a number from 5 to 9 (called the “Main”) and he calls out this choice.

** In Craps, the “Main” is always “7”.

Pair of Dice: Five-Two-Seven! A winning Craps outcome


The First Throw of the Dice:

* On the First throw: the Caster wins if he throws the “Main” or its adjunct (refer to chart of outcomes). Such a winning throw is called a “Nick” or a “Throw IN”.

* On the First throw: the Caster loses if he “Throws OUT” or throws an “Out” (refer to the chart of outcomes).

* On the First throw: It is possible to “shoot” a dice outcome that neither “Nicks” nor “Throws Out”. These outcomes are called “Chance” because the shooter gets to roll again. Note: In succeeding throws, the winning and losing conditions are different.

Succeeding Throws of the Dice:

* In succeeding throws: the Caster WINS if he throws a “Chance” outcome based on his selection for his “Main”

* In succeeding throws: the Caster LOSES if he throws an outcome that corresponds to his selection for his “Main”

* In succeeding throws: the Caster can still throw neither a WIN nor a LOSS. This number is the adjunct (refer to chart of outcomes), which calls for the caster to throw again.


Chart of Outcomes for Craps/Hazard:

* A winning outcome for Hazard depends on the “Main” that the player calls at the start of his turn. This “Main” can be any number from 5 to 9 (inclusive).

* A winning outcome for Craps assumes that the “Main” is always “7”.

* See the Chart of Outcomes that follows for the winning/losing outcomes based on choice of “Main”

NOTE: The shaded cells in the chart below apply to Craps, which is a specialized variant of Hazard which always has a Main of "7".

First Throw of the Dice
5 5 2, 3, 11, 12 All others
6 6, 12 2, 3, 11
7 7, 11 2, 3, 12
8 8, 12 2, 3, 11
9 9 2, 3, 11, 12

Succeeding Throws of the Dice
5 5 5 All others
6 6 12
7 7 11
8 8 12
9 9 9

How to Play Craps and Hazard as an Adult Party Game:

Follow this link to jump to our Strictly Adult Party Games Section where you will read about how to play Craps/Hazard as a drinking dice game. You will also find our rules for Craps/Hazard Strip Game. Lastly, mix them and match them to arrive at your personalized variant of Drink and Strip Craps / Hazard Adult Dice Game. Game On!

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Animated GIF FreeFree Printable Craps Table Layout
(download, print and play!)

Free Printable Casino Craps Bets Layout
(download, print and play!)

This is the table layout used in Casino-style Craps in GIF format. You may download, and print as many copies as you wish.
[Bonus: PDF format for Casino-Style Table Layout and Bets Layout]

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